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Which lawn care program is right for you?

Take a look at your landscape. Do you see a thriving, luscious carpet of green grass? Are your trees and shrubs healthy? Your lawn may be covered in too many weeds and very little grass while your next door neighbor’s lawn looks withered.

At Mr. Green Thumb we understand that every landscape is unique. We offer a free comprehensive analysis to assess your lawn’s specific needs. We consider many factors such as the turf density, soil pH, site location, weeds and insects as well as anything that is specific to your lawn before we recommend a solution. Mr. Green Thumb uses a Custom blended fertilizer that meets the specific soil requirements in the Northeast Tennessee region.

Our professional team of spray technicians is licensed through the Tennessee Department of Agriculture. We have been growing beautiful lawns in Johnson City and the surrounding areas since 1981. When you need to schedule expert lawn care services for in-depth care and effective lawn weed control give Mr. Green Thumb a call. We are the lawn care choice in the Tri-Cities and beyond!


Click Here for our 3 BASIC SERVICE PROGRAMS which can be adjusted to suit your specific needs.


Man spraying lawn weed control in Johnson City, TN

I want to give a "shout out" to Mr. Green Thumb. The yard has never looked greener and weed free, looks awesome! Thanks Chris!! Nice to see a company that lives up to its name.

Micheal J. of Johnson City


“Everything’s green over here, you’re doing a great job!”

Stephen S. of Elizabethton

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